World War Zero

Developer:DreamCatcher Interactive, 4X Studio, Microïds, Kylotonn, Rebellion Developments
Publisher:Microsoft Corporation, Ubisoft, MORE
Genre: First Person Shooter, Third Person Shooter, Gun Fight
Release Date:2002
Media Size:697 MB


Iron Storm is a first-person shooter video game developed by 4X Studios and published by Wanadoo in Europe and DreamCatcher Interactive in North America. An updated version of the game called World War Zero was later released for the PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Windows.

System Requirements:

CPU: Intel Pentium III 600MHz. CPU: Intel Pentium III 1GHz.
RAM: 128 MB RAM. RAM: 256MB RAM.
GPU: Geforce 2, 32 MB. GPU: …
DX: DirectX 8.1 or higher. DX: …
OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP. OS: …
Store: Complete installation:1 GB. Partial installation:600 MB

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